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I, Karan Hemang Mehta a masters student of analytics have been a part of the RMIT Indian club since the beginning of my academic year in 2019 ; it has been a exciting journey so far where I have seen and been part of Face to face events such as the Independence day flash mob, Desi swagat, Diwali and Garba night .....  And have also see the virtual events during the pandemic . 
I have always found happiness in giving back something to the community, and being a part of the RMIT Indian club helped me with it where I was a part of a groceries distribution drive for the students who were in need and also conducting webinar/seminars for students in helping them find their future job. 
I would definitely urge the upcoming students to be a part of this journey and experience the belongingness to the family when away from home.


If you want to develop your skills, want to participate, show us your talent, make some friends, work in a team, conduct an event or become a team member! 
Do show us your interest and Sign Up now to be a volunteer for our club.